Auto Detailing

Basic Detail (includes interior & exterior)

  • A state of the art system designed to achieve the ultimate in detailing system performance and result in your complete satisafaction
  • Professional Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  • Exterior Polishing, Buffing, Waxing & Dressing
  • Paint Finishing
  • Engine Dressing
  • Headllight Lens Restoration
  • 3M FX Automotive Window Films
  • Maintain Solar reflective properties without cracking, crazing or demetatlizing
  • Maintain Adhesion properties without blistering, bubbling or delaminating from the glass
  • 3M FX Automitivve Window Films wll not discolor
  • Car Detailing Services
  • Car Exteriors
  • Car Interiors
  • Car Interior Protection and enrichments
  • Under Body
  • Anti Corrosin & Rust Protection treatement

    Minor Scratch/Swirl removal and Surface Enhancement removes light and medium scratches, oxidation, stains and paint imperfections resulting in a brilliant, durable, wet look finish. Restores natural sheen to painted surfaces, engine compartment, tyres, glass and rubber and vinyl parts.

We recommend this service every 4-6 months

  • Interior Detail:

    Our Interior Detail Service includes:

    • Vacuum interior and trunk areas
    • Clean dash, consol, vents, and glove box
    • Clean door panels, door jambs, and door seals
    • Clean windows, mirrors, and visors
    • Spot clean headliner
    • Shampoo carpets, seats, and floor mats
    • Clean leather and apply leather conditioner
    • Apply dressing to all vinyl areas and wipe dry
         Additional Services:
    • Light Scratch Removal
    • Swirl Mark Removal
    • Overspray Removal
    • Odor Removal
    • Fabric Protectant
    • Paint Sealant
    • Headlight Restoration
    • Window Tinting

  • Exterior Detail:

    Our Exterior Detail Service includes:

    • Hand wash vehicle
    • Hand dry vehicle with micro fiber towels
    • Remove bugs, tar, & road grime
    • Clean wheels inside and out
    • Clean and dress wheel wells
    • Clean and dress tires
    • Clean windows and mirrors
    • Clean and polish all chrome
    • Clean and dress all plastic and rubber trim
    • Degrease and dress engine compartment
    • Apply dressing to all plastic and rubber trim
    • Apply wax to all painted areas by hand
         Additional Services:
    • Clay Bar treatment
    • Overspray Removal
    • Light Scratch Removal
    • Swirl Mark Removal
    • Paint Sealant
    • Headlight Restoration